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Constipation Remedies – Causes and Treatment Approaches

If you are experiencing irregular bowel movement, chances are you are constipated. Constipation refers to the lack of regular passage of stools. Every day, people should move their bowels out of their body. Failure to do so can lead to several complications in the colon. If you do not excrete on a regular basis, you feel unwell and uncomfortable.

Aside from discomfort, constipation can also trigger hemorrhoids. Whenever you pass hard and dry stools, the thin lining around your anus and the colon canal is irritated. If this happens, you will usually see red spots and streaks of blood. If you leave this untreated, the scars will worsen to the point that you will need to undergo surgery.

Top causes of constipation

Anybody can suffer from this. However, constipation is more common among people who eat less fiber and formula-fed babies. Here are some of the common causes of constipation:

  1. Dehydration – Water helps in the smooth passing of feces. The more dehydrated you are, the harder your stools will be, making it more difficult to excrete. This is why one of the best constipation remedies is to load up on water.
  2. Stress – Bowel movement is triggered by the brain. If you are too stressed out to think, your brain is not giving out the proper signal to the body parts involved that the stools need to be excreted out of your system.
  3. Lack of exercise – Sometimes, leading a passive type of life can affect your bowel movement. Whether you believe it or not, exercise helps a lot in the smooth bowel movement.
  4. Diet – People whose diet consists of nothing but meat are more constipated than individuals who take in proper amounts of vegetables and fruits. Meat indeed has the highest protein content, but it lacks the fiber needed by the body. Vegetables and fruits contain all the dietary fiber that aids in bowel movement.

Easy-to-do Remedies for Constipation

Luckily, constipation is not a really major problem. With the help of several remedies for constipation, you will be able to bid this health problem adieu. Some of the most effective constipation remedies that you can rely on include the following:

1.       Change your diet

As mentioned, dietary fiber is key to proper digestion and at the same time excretion. Try to inject fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. It not only keeps your stomach fit and healthy, but helps in cleansing your colon too.

2.       Keep drinking water

Water is the cheapest remedy available to you. Drink at least the recommended eight to 10 glasses of water for good health and proper bowel movement.

3.       Take vitamin and mineral supplementation

Vitamins and minerals which include vitamin C, folic acid, iron and magnesium keeps your body in top working condition. They help in getting rid of constipation.

Constipation remedies are really helpful. If you have been battling with constipation for a long time, you need to act now and fast. Consider the mentioned remedies for constipation and see their efficacy for yourself.



Fruits to Eat for Constipation

Fruits have always been a good source of healing for many health problems. This has been proven for many years because of the special components that are present in them. The vitamins and minerals that they contain alleviate the many diseases that make us feel bad.
For constipation there are many fruits that you can eat in order that you can be relieved of the heavy feeling. One fruit that can help you be relieved from constipation are prunes. You can have some prune juice. You can also try the flaxseed. Have some freshly ground flaxseed meal. If you have some carrots in your fridge, try the juice of carrot. It has beta carotene which can help the intestines significantly. The figs are also very good for frequent episodes of constipation. One of the best fruits for you to keep during your constipation problem is the lemon. You can squeeze one lemon into a glass of water in the morning. Drinking it effectively helps you solve your bowel movement problems. Watermelon is also a very good fruit which is very refreshing and will guarantee results as it has plenty of water needed by the body for normal functioning of its organs.

If you get bored eating these fruits, you can try other fruits which are high in fiber. The secret is in the fiber contained in the fruit. The more fiber contained in the fruit, the better will be the results of your fruit diet for constipation.


Constipation Remedies




Constipation which also means dyschezia or costiveness implies to bowel movements that are irregular or the difficulty to deliver. Constipation is a general cause of having those agonizing pain in excreting. Extreme constipation consists of obstipation, or not being able to pass gas or stool, or it might be a cause of fecal impaction, which is a compact of human feces obstructed somewhere in the rectum as a consequence of continuing constipation. If this unhealthy situation persists, this can be developed into bowel obstruction, or the growth of hemorrhoids and can be hazardous to one’s health.

Causes of Constipation

    Dehydration: Rehydrate, gulp lots of water. Water promotes easy flow of waste from your body.
    Stress: Stress can give out bad signals to your brain, thereby, disrupting the passage of your bowel movement.
    Lack of Exercise: The sweating out of toxins and waste from your body and the body’s flexibility can somehow facilitate to regulate the flow of your bowel movement.
    Diet: Eating mostly of fiber by adding more fruit and veggies on your diet can definitely smoothen the flow of your bowel progress.

Simple & Easy Remedies for Constipation

    Modify your diet: Substitute hard meat and greasy food to soft diet, fruit and veggies.
    Drink a ton of Water: Water can do wonders to your body. Make it a habit. Drink a lot of it.
    Eat more Fiber: Eat more oats, wheats, raisins, prunes and other preserved fruit. They are packed with antioxidant and rich in fiber .
    Take mineral and vitamin supplement: Vitamin C, iron, folic acid and magnesium give you more power. So, power up and get rid of that constipation.

For further details and information about constipation, its causes and remedies, please visit our website and check for yourself our updated home remedies against constipation.


Relieve the Discomfort Naturally


Constipation among babies are common especially those who are fed with infant formula. However this does not mean that breast-fed babies are not susceptible to this condition. All babies have the tendencies to get constipated either through the milk or food they consume or because of any digestive anomaly. If your baby is experiencing the discomfort of constipation, it is advisable to find baby constipation remedies right away. They can be natural or prescription treatments given by his or her doctor.


Again, breast feeding your baby does not exempt him or her from getting constipated. However, studies reveal that children who are breast-fed have lower chances of developing such disorder. In order to know whether or not your child is constipated, it is important that you know their bowel movement, although, dry and solid stool is the typical manifestation of a constipated child. Below are the common features of baby’s feces according to the kind of nourishment they have.


Breast fed infants – Babies who are fed on breast milk don’t really have much trouble defecating. In fact, most of them defecate after each feeding or at least once a day. This is because breast fed babies have soft and quite runny stool. They usually have healthy digestive tract and so they normally have feces that are bright orange in color and sometimes appear to have some sort of white speckles.


Formula fed babies – Infants who are feeding mostly on milk formula also generate soft feces. They also have regular bowel movement but once a day or once every other day. Their feces are usually grayish-green, yellow and sometimes brown or tan color. The color actually differs depending on the kind of milk formula used because every milk producer has its unique formulation. In case, your baby gets constipated, better ask his or her doctor for proper baby constipation remedies. Remember that you child is still very young so never attempt to use the ones you have in your medicine cabinet or just buy suppository without the supervision of  a physician.


Babies fed on mostly solid food – Once your baby started to eat solid food, his stool can be quite solid and so bowel movement can be a little difficult. Since there can be instances where food particles will not be properly digested, it is advisable to provide your baby lots of liquid such as water and juice in addition to his milk. Giving fiber-rich fruits and vegetables can prevent having solid stool.


So, what brings about constipation on babies?


Most of the time, babies get constipated when they lack fluids like water, juice or milk in their diet. Another reason is when the baby starts eating solid food. The food particles get impacted within the large intestine and so expelling them out is not that easy since babies feel uncomfortable straining. Once the baby miss a bowel movement, the wastes tend to become harder and more solid, so the more your baby will not be able to defecate. This worsens the condition.



Pregnancy Constipation Remedies – Safe Relief for Constipated Mommies

Pregnancy is a delicate stage for both the mother and the unborn child. As a mother, you must do all the safety precautions available just to ensure your health and of your baby. Constipation is one of the many complications that may arise during pregnancy. Because of the added weight in the woman’s body, bowel movement becomes a challenge. Pregnancy constipation remedies can help address the situation and make you feel better.

Preventing and treating pregnancy constipation

Constipation during pregnancy can be attributed to various factors. They could be because of stress, anxiety for the health of the baby, lack of physical exercise, and low-fiber diet. Hormonal change is also a culprit since pregnant women have varying levels of hormones in their body. This change can make the intestinal muscles relax and cause bowels to move slower.

How can you prevent constipation? Here are some pregnancy constipation remedies that can address your health concern:

1.  Load up on water

Water remains to be one of the most effective pregnancy constipation remedies safe for pregnant women. If you sweat a lot, move a lot, or if the weather is too hot, you need to increase your fluid intake. Drink at least 12 cups of water every day. This will help soften your stools.

2.  Enrich your diet

It is expected that you eat healthily during your pregnancy. Vegetables and fruits contain the right amounts of dietary fiber that can help pass your stool easily. Rather than taking in fiber supplements, it is best if you get your fiber needs from natural sources. Moreover, vegetables and fruits contain important vitamins and minerals good for the health of your baby.

3.  Reduce iron intake

Iron is recommended for pregnant women. But if you suspect that your iron medication makes you constipated, you need to reduce your intake of it. If you receive good nutrition, this will most likely meet your iron needs during pregnancy. This is one of the best pregnancy constipation remedies that can help you out. Talk to your obstetrician about it. More often than not, your doctor will conduct several tests to check your iron levels. Your physician will also make the necessary recommendations to manage your intake of iron.

4.  Exercise regularly

You do not need to run around or jog for hours, even simple brisk walking will do. Such exercises will stimulate proper bowel movement. Aside from walking, you can swim, do pre-natal yoga, and others.

There are a lot of pregnancy constipation remedies that can make you feel better. But if you are going to take in medicines, try to check with your doctor. Never self-medicate as it may have negative effects to your unborn baby’s health.